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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Travel in Mondolkiri

Mondolkiri means that is the combine center with a hill small mountain

At the early morning we went to Mondolkiri and travel by SIPAR mini bus, one of the organizations in Cambodia and works as an outdoor library. The road toward to Mondolkiri is National Route 6, 7, 13, 14 and red track across Kandal, Kompong Cham, Kratie and after Mondolkiri provinces and we spent 12 hours on the mini bus.

Aspect in capital of the province is location in Senmynorum district has a hill small mountain, a stone house, a wooden house with a roof made of dark red tiles, a little schools, restaurants and hotels. We were difficult found to played internet and the price very expensive 2$/hour and very slowly speed. The some of the people are government official, seller and farmer.

The most of important for tourism in Mondolkiri is Bousra Waterfall pleasant site location in Bousra district about 40km from capital and spent about 40minutes. We could be there by motor, small car….because road toward is red track and very difficult. The price ticket is 40000 riels per one car for this pleasant site. The high water season we can go there by elephant "Villager Said".

It is also make sure that this province about 521km and one national assembly seat in Cambodia. It stands mountain plateau located over 50% of this place are forest hill Small Mountain and water fall which caused for good Natural Tourist Trade. Many peasants sites like as Bousra Waterfall, Senmonyrum Resort, Sunset on summit of the mountain, woody sites (woody sea), Domnaksdech waterfall, Doskramom Mountain.