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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcome New World Heritage is Preah Vihea Temple

Cambodian Government Delegations, artists, and peoples are singing a song

Other Government Official, Students, and Peoples

The Thousand of the Peoples from Other Places, Government Official, Students and people are welcome Preah Vihear Temple is the World Heritage.

The smiling face of people who jointed welcomes Preah Vihear temple is the world heritages in Olympic Stadium, located 7 Makara district Phnom Penh, on 14-07-2008, Participated by Cambodian Government Delegation, Excellency Mr. Sok Ann and his colleague.

Currently, in the 32th UNESCO meeting in Canada, Kebec City, Preah Vihear is the world heritage.....

Monday, July 14, 2008

Nigh Market in Phnom Penh

In fact Nigh Market is located in front of river side, Spar Chas Market near Wat Phnom, Daun Penh District,

This Market was attracted by Tourist and Cambodian,,,, Khmer Product and Cheap pricesss,,,, All this production are producted by Khmer People and Cambodian enterprise......

this is Khmer Product,,, Coffee Shop in Nigh Market

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Welcome Preah Vihea is world heritage

Independent Monument

Exactly, 08, 07 2008, Cambodia people are welcome for Preah Vihea Temple, Preah Vihea Temple now is World Heritage. Most of Cambodian very happy and welcome it.........

In fact Other Government Official, especially Phnom Penh Municipals were help on the Ceremony in Phnom Penh, Location Wat Phnom, who welcome Preah Vihea Temple into the World Heritage........Governor of Phnom Penh, Excellency Keo Choutema, some of khmer artist, CTN TV Staff, and Cambodian People were joint this event .......

Actually,....Preah Vihear temple is the conflict area between Cambodia and Thailand.....In currently in the Meeting UNESCO at Canada,,,,,Preah Vihear is the world heritage.....
As seeing that, Preah Vihear is for all Khmer People in 1962 at LAE City

Front of BOTUM VATEY Pagoda