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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Training program for Cambodian New Generation

Free Training Blog Conducted by Open Forum of Cambodia, Open Forum of Cambodia (OFC), a leading NGO specialized in information technology and website management, is to play necessary roles in promoting and strengthening people’s share of ideas and expression in democracy process through the high-tech web site development training (Blog Training) for beginner to a professional and will provide the full support for participants, including technical support, free hosting for life (sub domain), free internet access, free of charge training class and awards.

We sent some information to other partners and Universities. This programs is a new program for Cambodian New Generation access own idea and expression process through the high tech website development, Visal Said. He is a training coordinator, Blog Training Project.

The training will cover on: How to create and use Blog; The benefits of Blog in the high-tech globe; How to make money from your Blog; How many people make money from Blog and how they do?; How to use Khmer language in the Blog; How to write down the interesting information into Blog; How to post your idea into Blog and make them much interesting; Writing skill provided by professional information journalist reporter.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

CIC webportal Move to new domain


Congratulation for Community Information Webportal Cambodia is reopen but it is change to new address as

CIC website is the popular Khmer language website and provides Cambodia information to many people such as Democracy, Human Right, Economics, Gender, Education, Health, Agriculture, Environment, Tourist, History, Cultures, Job announcement and Especially Cambodia Hot News.

Access information is the best way for the people could knows about their news countries.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Friend’s Wedding Day

this is me and both kalyan.

That’s a great day for my friend, His names Be Chatra is my former colleague at Open Forum of Cambodia and now he has been working at Open Institute.

On 21st January, i joint Be Chantra’s wedding ceremony with some of my friend, such as tharum, vutha, small kalyan, big kalyan, makara, tacam, sony and Khmer OS team. Thanks Vutha for took my picture, he is my former Project coordinator at Open Forum of Cambodia responsible as CIC Web portal Project Coordinator.

It is nice after we were eating and drinking, we started dancing Khmer traditional dance, Rom vong, Saravan, Maxixoun, Maxixoun dance requested by Kalyan.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Vista/ Vs 2005 Developer Day

Vista/ Vs 2005 Developer Day, January 19th 2007 at Intercontinental Phnom Penh Hotel, I am not a Information Technology developer but i just want to know What’s going on in my country such as Information Technology upgrade.

This event is Vista/ Vs 2005 developer day sponsored by Microsoft; they are introducing about Window Vista.

Some of participants from IT developer of other NGOs, Company and Students... . The second time for Microsoft works directly with Cambodia, first Microsoft donates to ECCC (Khmer Rough Tribunal Project) and second is promoting Window Vista to Cambodia.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Last night meeting with GYC group

Last night for our group, it’s sad and happy night because we started party and travel on the boat. We started it on 6.30pm and our participated from Other NGOs such as staff of YRDP, KHAMRA and our human right workshop group. It’s great we were on the boat and saw some natural city in Phnom Penh at night on the Chaktomouk River, is the streams flow into each other such Mekong River, TonleSap, and TonleBasac, the front of Royal Palace.

The boat on the middle Chaktomouk River, we started eating with break, piece of paper cake ( Baychhav) and drunk a win, coke and fresh water. We are eating and talking as close friendly and after eating we went to dance looks like happy. Other one Delegation from United State shows the dance style as their country Disco Hit Hop. It’s 9.15 pm we got certificate from Ms Navin she is program coordinator of Global Youth Connect (GYC) and Mr. Sokha he is Executive Director of Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP) then we continues our dancing.

It’s terrible we got a new information, some of our group will be get a marriage on the end of this month in Prek Eng District Kandal Province, is Navin and Rattana are marry.

we finish our travel on the boat about 10.00pm, So it’s dark night for cambodian woman difficult to come back home because they worries about their home, Such as their parent will be blame them ( This is khmer traditional).

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Khmer Newspapers Editors were arrested

Cambodian newspapers journalist were arrested by police.

The Phnom Penh municipal court will decides the charge of khmer newspaper journalist of attempting to extort money from Ms. Va Srey No, a karaoke actress, by claiming they had a video of her having sex with foreigner.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Last Work Shop with GYC

We start at morning on 8.30 am today was so late time because this day is last day work shop for us. Today we prepared some letter for send to Khmer Rough Trial ( ECCC). We spend a long time for prepared the letter for ECCC until lunch time.

After lunch time we play some game for reduce some tired and relax. We started continues our lesson and talk some problem in society and take a resolved it ( Ex. Land issue, Economic Exploitation, Health Care and Corruption).

That’s great for this work shop because we talk and resolved it and give some comment.

The Finally, it is time for finish the work shop and the give some evaluation about this workshop, so every body have some their impression, like get more knowledge about this work shop and will share this experience to other person, will be keep and touch to each other forever and delegation participant, she said that miss Cambodia participant and cannot forget all every thing in here.

My impression said thanks for facilitator as Navin, Rattana, and Dara to give me a chance to joint with them and cannot forget all every thing with them, delegation participant and Cambodian participant.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Visiting, Toul Slang Museum

Victims Grave in Toul Slang Museum
We started meeting at Toul Slang Museum and Visited at there, we have no guide for introduce us but we try to known some thing from other guide and by our self, read some information about Toul Slang Museum.

Toul Slang Museum is most of the killing center in Khmer Rough Regime, set up a prison to detain individuals accused of opposing ANGKAR, located in Toul Svay Prey Quarter Cham Karmorn District, south of Phnom Penh, covers an area of 600 x 400 meters.

According to documents discovered by the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam), S-21 was established at Toul Slang in May 1976.

The victims in the prison is were taken from all parts of the country and from all walks of life. They were of difference nationalities and included Vietnamese, Laotians, Thai, Indians, Pakistanis, British, Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders, and Australians, but the vast majorities were Cambodian. The civilian prisoners composed of workers, farmers, engineers, technicians, intellectuals, professors, teachers, students, and even ministers and diplomats. Moreover, whole families of the prisoners, from the bottom on up, including their newly born babies, were taken there en masse to be exterminated.

After we came back from Toul Slang Museam we had a guest speaker, he came from CJI Local NGOs, his presentation about Khmer Rough Trial Law and then some of the participant asked some question about the law of khmer rough trial and they suggestion to this trial should be a good judge, fair,……..

After lunch time we continues our lesson about the human right and we talk some thing and shared to each others.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Day 1 Work shop with GYC

Our workshop started 3 days full day, on 8 O’clock we start the work shop, all the participated from others state in the United State of America and others Local NGOs such as CCHR,CYA,YRDP, YCC, Open Forum of Cambodia….Our topic is the Human Right.

That’s great this work shop because we discuss to each other about Human Right, The first step we are introduce to our self, where they are come from and school? And then the facilitator of our group give us some document about human right law is fiftieth Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Right. The other one we give the definition the basic of human right, some example relative with the human right, talk to each other about building a common understanding of human rights.

What’s do you think about Human rights? We separated the word of Human right:
H U M A N R I G H T, Example H: health care…

That’s good for our lunch time, some participants are eating without saying and some others eating and saying about some thing like joking and funny.

After lunch time we continue our lesson about building a common understanding of human rights we give some topic related with human right ( such as violence, economic….) and we are present our short play.

Visiting, Documentation Center of Cambodia

Second meeting with GYC, afternoon at DC-Cam on 04/01/07, we watch the movie about Khmer Rough Regime, the movies show some thing about Khmer Rough activities at S-21 and now they called it that Toul Slang Museum,

The presentation by Mr. Chhang Youk, he is the director of DC-Cam, he explains about his organization what they do? DC-Cam has many document relative with Khmer Rough Regime, and they have a relative with Khmer Rough Tribunal ( ECCC, location in outside country) and other one is the center for researcher about Khmer Rough Regime and all of this is the evidence for Khmer Rough Trial.

And then we visited a round in DC-Cam office, that is the nice place for work because has a fresh air, good environment like near the independent monument, travel place, riverside.