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Monday, January 22, 2007

Friend’s Wedding Day

this is me and both kalyan.

That’s a great day for my friend, His names Be Chatra is my former colleague at Open Forum of Cambodia and now he has been working at Open Institute.

On 21st January, i joint Be Chantra’s wedding ceremony with some of my friend, such as tharum, vutha, small kalyan, big kalyan, makara, tacam, sony and Khmer OS team. Thanks Vutha for took my picture, he is my former Project coordinator at Open Forum of Cambodia responsible as CIC Web portal Project Coordinator.

It is nice after we were eating and drinking, we started dancing Khmer traditional dance, Rom vong, Saravan, Maxixoun, Maxixoun dance requested by Kalyan.


Kalyan said...

hey, jus ran across ur blog n see my pic. didn't realise that time i was taken pic lolz.. anyway, i had a great time ;-)

dao said...

I had visited ur country so many time, but nochane to learn some dance... cause i m very interested in traditional dance in ur country..