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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Concern about Gasoline Price

Moto Taxies are looking for the clients.

The world gasoline price has been heighten which can be impact on other countries in the world like as economics, life lives a day for all the people. Now a day the gasoline price in Cambodia is normal oil about 4550 riel/litre.

On the using new military hospital and META THOUR Building was sponsored by Cambodian Priminister and His wife in 03 January 2008 in Kompong Siem District, Kompong Cham Province.

"We must be save a gasoline and reduce the gasoline expense for all Government official but except public construction project official" Priminister Said.

"Developing infrastructure is very necessary" he added.

Driving tomo taxi, long breath and old dress, his name Chhoeung, he said that "some of the customer always gave us a fee for driving the same price as use to before although recently the gasoline price also not the same".

In the office, numerous documents and preparing services for tourist. The staff of travel agency Co.Ltd. "Our Company paid for taxi driver from Phnom Penh air port to other Hotels is the same price as before as 7$ taxi driver, and the full day in the city 30$ a small car, extra price in country side, killing field Cheng EK, ..."he said

As seeing that, The oil price are higher than in the world, in Thailand about 29.29 bath/litre.

They are preparing tour program for traveller

Friday, January 04, 2008

Using New military hospital

The First time in New Year 2008, Cambodian Priminister and his wife were joint using ceremony a new military hospital in Kompong Cham Province in 03 January,2008.

In fact, Khmer Rough Regime 1975-1979 in Cambodia, Many Cambodian People were dead during Khmer Rough regime. "Thanks some of khmer Soldiers and friendly Vietnams army were made a revolution and destroyed to Dark Regime" Primister said.

Kompong Cham Province is about 124km from Phnom Penh and National Road 6,7. This Province is about 9.799km2, population about 1.725.023 and 18 seats in National Assembly.

Recently, Khmer Rough Tribunal have been create and got fund from Shared budget between United Nation and Cambodian Government, Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC). Some of the Khmer Rough Leaders were dead and lives in the jail.