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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Last night meeting with GYC group

Last night for our group, it’s sad and happy night because we started party and travel on the boat. We started it on 6.30pm and our participated from Other NGOs such as staff of YRDP, KHAMRA and our human right workshop group. It’s great we were on the boat and saw some natural city in Phnom Penh at night on the Chaktomouk River, is the streams flow into each other such Mekong River, TonleSap, and TonleBasac, the front of Royal Palace.

The boat on the middle Chaktomouk River, we started eating with break, piece of paper cake ( Baychhav) and drunk a win, coke and fresh water. We are eating and talking as close friendly and after eating we went to dance looks like happy. Other one Delegation from United State shows the dance style as their country Disco Hit Hop. It’s 9.15 pm we got certificate from Ms Navin she is program coordinator of Global Youth Connect (GYC) and Mr. Sokha he is Executive Director of Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP) then we continues our dancing.

It’s terrible we got a new information, some of our group will be get a marriage on the end of this month in Prek Eng District Kandal Province, is Navin and Rattana are marry.

we finish our travel on the boat about 10.00pm, So it’s dark night for cambodian woman difficult to come back home because they worries about their home, Such as their parent will be blame them ( This is khmer traditional).

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