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Monday, January 08, 2007

Day 1 Work shop with GYC

Our workshop started 3 days full day, on 8 O’clock we start the work shop, all the participated from others state in the United State of America and others Local NGOs such as CCHR,CYA,YRDP, YCC, Open Forum of Cambodia….Our topic is the Human Right.

That’s great this work shop because we discuss to each other about Human Right, The first step we are introduce to our self, where they are come from and school? And then the facilitator of our group give us some document about human right law is fiftieth Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Right. The other one we give the definition the basic of human right, some example relative with the human right, talk to each other about building a common understanding of human rights.

What’s do you think about Human rights? We separated the word of Human right:
H U M A N R I G H T, Example H: health care…

That’s good for our lunch time, some participants are eating without saying and some others eating and saying about some thing like joking and funny.

After lunch time we continue our lesson about building a common understanding of human rights we give some topic related with human right ( such as violence, economic….) and we are present our short play.

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