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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Last Work Shop with GYC

We start at morning on 8.30 am today was so late time because this day is last day work shop for us. Today we prepared some letter for send to Khmer Rough Trial ( ECCC). We spend a long time for prepared the letter for ECCC until lunch time.

After lunch time we play some game for reduce some tired and relax. We started continues our lesson and talk some problem in society and take a resolved it ( Ex. Land issue, Economic Exploitation, Health Care and Corruption).

That’s great for this work shop because we talk and resolved it and give some comment.

The Finally, it is time for finish the work shop and the give some evaluation about this workshop, so every body have some their impression, like get more knowledge about this work shop and will share this experience to other person, will be keep and touch to each other forever and delegation participant, she said that miss Cambodia participant and cannot forget all every thing in here.

My impression said thanks for facilitator as Navin, Rattana, and Dara to give me a chance to joint with them and cannot forget all every thing with them, delegation participant and Cambodian participant.

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