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Monday, January 08, 2007

Visiting, Documentation Center of Cambodia

Second meeting with GYC, afternoon at DC-Cam on 04/01/07, we watch the movie about Khmer Rough Regime, the movies show some thing about Khmer Rough activities at S-21 and now they called it that Toul Slang Museum,

The presentation by Mr. Chhang Youk, he is the director of DC-Cam, he explains about his organization what they do? DC-Cam has many document relative with Khmer Rough Regime, and they have a relative with Khmer Rough Tribunal ( ECCC, location in outside country) and other one is the center for researcher about Khmer Rough Regime and all of this is the evidence for Khmer Rough Trial.

And then we visited a round in DC-Cam office, that is the nice place for work because has a fresh air, good environment like near the independent monument, travel place, riverside.

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