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Monday, May 29, 2006

Primister Supports, Opposition no use 3G

Cambodia says 3G phones spread pornography

Heeding a request from his wife, Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday banned the latest generation of mobile phone services in Cambodia to curb the dissemination of pornography.

Bun Rany, along with the wives of several other senior government officials, recently urged Hun Sen to prohibit the use of third-generation, or 3G, phones in the impoverished country because they can be used to spread obscene images.


Anonymous said...


You don't write about what you think of the news you are posting. Are you afraid of being arrested for giving your opinions? It gives me an odd feeling. It's like I'm talking to someone on the phone who is kidnapped. The prisoner has a gun to his head being told he better say the right things. If I could see your face I would be better able to understand what you want to say.

sophonrith said...
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sophonrith said...

A thousand thanks for your comments, It is true we will face a prison if we write down not true, All my posting are news. Thanks ThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanks