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Friday, July 17, 2009

Reaction with Thai website is ilovekhmer website

This webisite is no pushing nationalism or complex for all the people, it is providing for all the people in the world to supporting in confuse idea and reaction with thai website.

According to ilovekhmer website: Important Notice: This is Not here to stir up nationlist tension or cause porblems of any kind. It is simply intended to provide internationally accepted facts to counter the provably false accusation initially made on the website

If this site results in inappropriate behaviour or is used as an excuse for violence or tourble-making of any kind, the entire website will immediately be removed. We also remove this website if requested to do so by Cambodian authorites.


Koun Khmer said...

Thanks you very much for posting this.


sophonrith said...

Yes,,, me too, i hate them.