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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Impact to Tourist

It was no surprise, Since Thailand announced the state of emergency on Tuesday, five countries immediately issued the warnings - Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea and United Kingdom.

Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) president Apichart Sankary said the political unrest should end before September 15, which is the start of the high season of tourism industry.

Prakit Shinamourphong, president of Thai Hotels Association (THA), said business operators are worrying over political turmoil. "It is too soon to finalise the degree of impact on the hotel and tourism business, but operators are not happy with the situation," said Prakit. [According to website:]

Mr, Minch Chanthy, General Manager of B2B travel Co., Ltd, said business is better than before.

As seeing that, The CPP over whelmingly won the 2008 national election. The National Election Committee on Tuesday afternoon released final Official results from July 27 polls. NEC confirmed the seat count in National Assembly to be 90 for the CPP, 26 for the Opposition SRP, Three for the Human Rights Party, Two for Funcinpec and Ranariddh.

The First priority of New Government is Infrastructure, Poverty Alleviation,.....

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