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Friday, December 21, 2007

Agriculture Sector Part of important in the Country

Beside, sixth largest garment exporting country in the world and boosting tourist in other heritage in other provinces in country, Cambodia has a agriculture sector in country side.

The Priminister of Cambodia said that other garment factories in country creates job opportunity for some people in Cambodia and Tourist sector also give any job for people works directly in travel sector and most of them works indirectly like, restaurant, Market, hotel, other people sell something in the pleasant.

By then, these two sectors are created job opportunity to Cambodia people but still easily to make an accident like SAR infection, Sonami Disaster and Terrorist. So needs more agriculture sector for our country. Our priorities in country are Water, Infrastructure, Power energy and Human Resources, Priminister said.

In fact, he added, the priority to make agriculture is implementing water policy.
As seeing that Cambodian people, most of them 80% are farmer working in the agriculture field, rice, vegetable,…..etc.

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