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Thursday, December 27, 2007

How to apply for US Embassy Phnom Penh, Non-Immigrant Visa

A long times ago, Civil war and political crisis in Cambodia, recently it is stable situation, By then about relation cooperation between Cambodia and United State are likely decrease and increase.

1975-1979 Dark shadow regimes, Khmer rough regime, Many Cambodian people were escape their home country to United State, and most of their family stayed in Cambodia. Some of Cambodian American citizen has been ran other documents for their family for living in United State with them.

After political crisis in Cambodia, US Embassy moved to Bangkok in Thailand for Immigrant Visa kind and Non-Immigrant Visa still in Phnom Penh. But now US Embassy move to Phnom Penh for All of kind visa, Non-immigrant and immigrant visa.

Now, All Non-Immigrant Visa applicants must:
1-Get Visa information at in both English and Khmer
2-Fill out a DS-156 form online at and print all three pages on a laser-jet printer.
3-Make an appointment for a visa interview online at or

As seeing that, Now Cambodia and United State are very closely relation, good cooperation; most of funds are sponsored by United State through USAID.

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