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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Reusing ceremony in Viheasor commune

Counter Fund between Quata and Cambodian Government about 50million dollar for set up and new standard High School in Vihour Commune, Ksach Kandal District, Kandal Province. This project has been run in next year.

In reusing ceremony in 25 December 2007, some out put like Prak Konlong Bridge, National Road 8 are constructing, and Preah Vihour Sour Pagoda, situated in Ksach Kandal District Kandal Province, Prak Vihour Pagoda started in 1028 and now has 979 years old.

In 1970-75 this area was a warming conflict in the civil war, Priminister Said.

As seeing that, from Phnom Penh take National Road 6A and red track about 30km and approximately 1 hour take by car, Kandal Province 3.568Km2 approximately , Population about 1.174.673 and 11 seat in National Assembly.

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