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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Expanding direct flight with other countries.

The first direct flight and business from Cambodia and Europe was opened. The Air Finland Boeing 757 landed with 215 passengers at the main airport in Phnom Penh, International Phnom Penh Airport.

Last month, the government signed a joint venture agreement with two Indonesian companies to form a national airline to tap the country's growing tourism industry.

By joint venture agreement with other countries, The Cambodian Government wants to demonstrate commitment to increasing growth economy, poverty reducing and ensuring to political and social security stable.

Cambodia received more than 1.4million visitors in this year, up nearly 19 percent, according to statistics by the tourism ministry.

In this year 2007, two airplanes were crush land. The first was located in Kompot Province about 148km from Phnom Penh and National Road 3, most of passengers is South Korean and 4 Cambodian, They were death. And the second was nearly in International Phnom Penh located Kandal Provice, but no someone were death.

As seeing that, South Korean, Japanese and U.S visitor respectively lead the list of foreign arrival in Cambodia.

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