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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The most popular sport in Cambodia is Football (Soccer)

The most popular sport in Cambodia is Football (Soccer), every weekend or Holyday after works 5 days per week and also some of population TV in Cambodia is broadcasted live football. In fact, some other restaurants and Beer Garden Restaurants in local are broadcasting live football.

Saturday Night is most of relax day to meet each other friends and families, they are meeting, drinking, talking and watching live football TV.

Mr.Vandoun, he is a student night class, "Today is lazy day to study, thinks a lot of about football team, I like arsenal team.", he said.

After the frequently Civil war and political conflict along times, Cambodia has more stable situation. By then now it has many football league in Cambodia, like Khemra team, Phnom Penh Empire, Naga Corp,…….etc.

Cambodia has hired former South Korean international Yoo Kee-heung to coach the struggling national team, the country's soccer federation said.

Yoo Kee-heung, was a member of South Korea's coaching staff at the 1994 World Cup and He will be manage Cambodia National team about three years.

The Korean Technology Company has agreed a sponsorship deal with the team worth $205,000 a year.

As seeing that, a year it has competes football league team such as Priminister Champion League, Cambodia Premier League, Level K1, Level K2 and National frameworks.

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